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alexandre le grand On the top of all the previous other pages existing on the Web, there is this site about Alexander The Great. It avoids to repeat what has already been said time and time again but it strives to preserve the essential and to bring new interessant facts.

It has been realised from many books dealing with this subject and especially the excellent book by Pierre BRIANT : « De la Grèce à l’Orient, Alexandre le Grand » (Editions Gallimard Découvertes, Paris 1988, n°27). It is a paperback both comprehensive and quite well illustrated.

If you look for other possibilities on the Web, you will find other links too, in the column of the same name. Otherwise, if you are in the area around Paris or if you may plan to be there, I can not but encourage you to go to the Musée du Louvre which contains inestimable canvas ( Le Brun ) or sculptures ( Puget ) about the fabulous destiny of Alexander The Great.

If you have some questions, remarks or flatteries, you can adress them to this mail : alexandre@3dsrc.com.

For those that may be interested, an English version is in the pipeline.

Have a good reading !

Nb : Thanks Coralie for her rereading and several corrections she brought.

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