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chronologie 356 bc birth of Alexander at Penna, the capitale of the antique Macedonia chronologie
336 bc assassination of Philip II. Alexander succeeds him.
336 bc Alexander is elected commander as chief of Corinth’s League
335 bc insurrection at Thebes
334 bc Alexander seizes cities of Aegian coast
1st November 333 bc Isos’ battle. Darius runs away.
333 bc Alexander subjects Phoenician cities ( Marathos, Tripolis, Byblos, Sidon ).
332 bc Capture of Tyre after a seize of 7 months.
332 bc Arrival of Alexander in Egypt
331 bc Battle of Gaugametès. Once again, Darius runs away.
End 331 Babylon and Suse are subjected.
330 bc in January, Alexander arrives in Persépolis.
329 bc Arrival of Alexander in Bactriane
328 bc Execution of Cleitos
327 bc Wedding with Roxane
326 bc Crossing through the Indus

326 bc

Victory on the King Poros
13rd June 323 bc Death of Alexander
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