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roi porosThe King Poros
Alexander goes on his conquests on Persian empire and especially in West India against the King Poros in the summer 326. But, as soon as he arrived at Hyphase’s edge ( Bias) , Macedonian soldiers refuse to go farther.

From their departure in 334 before JC, they travelled 20 000 kilometers and wish they join now their family again. The army retraces his steps, near Nicée and Bucéphalie. A fleet was built by Alexander to make it possible for a part of the army to join the Persian Gulf by sea. A second part that was directed by Alexander walked along the coasts and a last part travelled inside the country.

The 3 armys were going through a living hell : they suffered from a shortage of water and food in the desert for the men with Alexander and the ones with Néarque. At least, Macedonians arrive at Suse in 324 before JC.

Alexander moves from capitale to capitale, from Suse to Babylon and takes on organizing all his possessions. But in June 323, after a banquet, he suffers from a bout of fever and died on the 13rd.

Within 10 years, Alexander built a huge empire, destroyed Persian empire but had no successor…

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