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Artemis’ temple at Ephesus
Hegesias of Magresie reports : « There is no surprise that the temple burned completely given that Artemis was occupied by the birth of Alexander. Every magus at Ephesus, witness of the destruction of the temple, consider him as the sign of another hardship. They shouted that a scourge and a calamity of the greatest importance for Asia has been generated by this birth that day ».
Temple d'artémis
In the spring 334, Alexander goes to war against Persian Empire with his armee helped by some troops raised in Greek states of « Corinth’s league » and by some contingents originating from the Balkans. Some chroniclers join these soldiers and remain famous : Ptolemy, Callisthène, Aristoso’s nephew, Anaximène. Unfortunately, none of their written works outlast except for « Alexander’s Stories » written later by Latin authors – Justin – or Greek authors – Diodore from Sicily, Plutarch – which use these texts.

Carte Macédoine Alexander lands at Granique’s shores, near Troy, where he is faced with an army of 40000 men lead by Mamnon, who have already inflicted many defeats on the Macedonians previously. The Persian army, led by satraps, sure of itself but bad-organised, is routed.

Noeud gordien
The Gordion knot was in dogwood’s bark and its crisscross was so complex that noone was able to untie it. Rumour has it said that the one who will untie it would become Asia’s master. When Alexander failed, he decided to cut it with his sword.
Later, Alexander seizes Daskeyleion, the capitale of the Phrygia. Sardes too, the capitale of the Persian empire, open its gates to the Macedonian and deliver its treasure. The administration of cities conquested is systematically conserved, a democratic system is established and Greeks or Macedonians take the main posts.

During the summer, Ephesus, well known for its temple is devoted to the goddess Artemis – one of the seven wonders of the world – is left by Persian soldiers, Milet is assailled by Greeks too thanks to Alexander fleet that gets ahead of the Persian’s one which withdraw to Halicarnasse. The capitale of the « Satrapie of Carie » is known for its tomb, one of the wonder of the world, where the dynast satrap Mausole is intered.

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