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Philippe II Born at Pella, the capitale of the antique Macedonia in 356 before JC, Alexander was the son of Phillip II – on the right -, king of the Molloses, in Epire. Like every king, he has been bred by private tutors and particularly Aristotle, who taught him pholosophy, politics and the art of governing. He enjoyed Homer’s books a lot and besides he slept with a copy of the Iliad under his pillow.

At that time, Asia Minor, with towns like Ephesus or Milet, was dominated by Persians and Grecian cities tried to make several foray above the Aegean Sea yet but their intern divisions always make it possible for the Great King of Persia to remain the ruler.

The horse Bucephale
One day, a horse, which was sold for 13 talents, was presented to Philip. This last animal was stubborn and mettlesome and while Philip was about to leave, Alexander said : « A horse they lose, because they, who are without skill and courage, do not benefit from it. ». Philip retorted : « when you blame people older than you, do you believe you know more then them and you will be able to handle this horse more easily ? ». « Yes, I do. » he answered and he succeded to break in Bucéphale.
From the age of 16, Alexander, the guardian of the power and of the royal seal, holds the regency of his father during military campaign. Only shortly after, he would lead an army to subdue an undefeated Thrace people : the Maides.

During summer 336 before JC, while the wedding of Cleopatra, Alexander’s sister, was celebrated, Philip was assassinated by a young Macedonian.

« Corinth’s league » is a grouping together of cities and Greek’s states created in 338 before JC by Philip II who led a Panhellenic policy in order to fight against Persians. Philip was called « Hegene » that is to say general-in-chief of the common army.
Alexander is only 20 when he succeeded his father and ascends to the throne. He is also confronted with some plotters who opposed to his accession but he restores the Macedonian sovereignty really fast and is elected major of « Corinth’s league » at the states’s assembly » in 336 before JC.

A year later, Alexander must intervene at the Balkans in order to put down a revolt of few Thrace tribes and when he comes back in Macedonia, he has to face with the Greek’s insurrection at Thebes who fast lay down his arms. The town is razed except for the temple and for his inhabitant reduced to slavery.

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